The Grand Slam Challenge

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I posted anything here and I’m going to blame it on the insanity of my life. Between cycling, sewing, cycling, my day job, cycling, and an occasional meal, I rarely have time to sit down. I feel like it is time to catch you up on my new challenge.

This past June I competed in the Tour Divide – 2800 miles of incredible gravel and pain which took me from Banff Canada to the very edge of Mexico. This race pushed me way beyond what I thought were my limits and into a new world of limits yet to be found. After coming back to the Midwest and continuing to compete in 100-200 mile gravel events I find I am in desperate need of another significant challenge. To that end – I am throwing down this gauntlet for all of the serious gravel grinders out there looking for a challenge. So – here it is –

The Grand Slam Gravel Challenge!

Timeframe – Jan 1, 2017 to Dec. 31, 2017

The Challenge – Participate and complete 4 organized events on gravel or other non-paved surface. Compiling with the rules of the race you must complete a 100-mile race, a 200-mile race, a 300-mile race, and a 400-mile race. You can choose the races and complete them in any order. Any distance over the designated distance qualifies.  It must be a non-paved organized event.

The Reward – Other than extreme bragging rights you get a really cool custom made cycling cap by Podium wear, a great MN based company with the Grand Slam Gravel logo. The Cost – $32 shipped anywhere in the USA via PayPal to along with your address so I know where to send the cap once you complete the 4 events.

Now I know some of you are thinking – do the math David, – that’s a 1000 miles – a cool grand – more than I ride in a season. To that I can only say – it isn’t supposed to be easy – it is designed to help you push yourself to the limits and then drive you past them, and keep pushing. The proper place to observe your limits is in the rear-view mirror just after you blow past them.

Sign up for the challenge today and start planning those events. I have several 100+ mile events already on next year’s calendar. My third trip to DK will fit nicely for the 200-mile challenge. I was just accepted into the Trans-Iowa race – if I can finish that would work well for the 300+ race. Once you complete an event email me about it!  It can be just a few sentences or a blog.  I’ll record it and maybe share it so everyone can read about how badass you are. If you have races planned that qualify let me know and I’ll pass them on to help inspire others. Any and all questions can be sent to Happy riding!!

Photo from Tour Divide 2016

The Grand Slam Challenge

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