New stickers!

With my new focus these days on Bikepacking I decided I needed a way to spread the word about this role.  My first thought was a business card but that seemed too formal and too difficult to find when you need it.  I asked my brother (graphics/animation major) to design me a logo that is simple and catchy and incorporated what Bikepacking means to me – exploring the world from the seat of my bike.  Here is what he came up with.  After many conversations we finally agreed on this design.

bikepacking sticker

The goal of course is to spread the word about Bikepacking and the resources available to help people try Bikepacking.  I’ll be having stickers made with this logo to pass out whenever I’m presenting seminars on Bikepacking and probably always have a pocket full of them to pass out.  If you would like to help spread the word please let me know and I’ll sent you some.  All I ask is you be respectful with them.  Please do not cover the neighbor’s cat with them or stick them to a public sign.  The purpose is to raise awareness for Bikepacking – not give Bikepacking or Bikepacking advocates a bad reputation.

New stickers!

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